Cook it long and slow. Allow all the flavors to meld. Serve only when it’s ready. That’s the goal here. Some restaurants slam meals together using a few cheap spices bought in bulk long-past their expiration date; pre-mixed sauces; and pre-cooked items. There's lots of sodium to give the illusion of flavor. In short, most restaurants create processed foods. My effort here will be brevity (admittedly quite an exercise for the author), consideration, reflection, and, perhaps, greater insight through the passing of time: *How does the stew actually taste?* You and I are the judges of success. I'm ninety-nine percent certain I will miss the mark for both of us. Part of my failures will be related to expression of unformed (or worse, idiotic) ideas, biases, poor research, and lack of knowledge (think [the Dunning-Kruger Effect]( I will revisit, edit, amend, and change my posts and my life. Most thoughts here aren’t fully formed and certainly not ready for publication (I probably changed my mind shortly after putting it online!). They are my effort to keep creating and to *practice* writing. I'll write about whatever suits me and - hopefully, perhaps - you: a modicum of politics, religion (more likely spirituality), cooking, events in general, some science, and some management crap. We first posted on our Blogger account on September 26, 2008. I didn't put much there. The same may happen here. However, it seems like my goal of a daily writing practice is closer. A lot of blogs are like that, too. What you see here - for what it's worth - is a combination of: 1. A blog (under the Dailies area) where I *practice* writing.and a 2. Digital Garden. I've enjoyed reading about the concept of the *digital garden*. The point of a *digital garden* is to create a place where ideas - like seeds - are nurtured and safe. 1. To that end, there are Dailies that reflect on *life in the moment*. 2. There are other areas ([[notes/Notes to Self]]) where I consider *big ideas* or at least ideas that are big to me. I'm using Obsidian to publish. [Obsidian]( can also achieve one more goal: privacy. There are many ideas that will remain exclusively private. Obsidian is backed up to all my other devices.